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Puffco Peak Recycler

The Puffco Peak Recycler is an ideal replacement for the standard glass that comes with the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Peak Pro. Designed by glassblowing mastermind Ryan Fitt, this recycler attachment gives you greater water volume and improved filtration to create smoother, cooler and more consistent hits.

The Recycler is a two chamber system that moves water mixed with vapors throughout the glass as you inhale. The external intake tubes have slits at the bottom that allow for an immense amount of diffusion. The upper chamber then drains down slowly back to the base of the glass, giving you optimal water filtration and cooling off your vapors.

It’s a great addition to your Puffco and will enhance your experience!
This Puffco Peak Recycler is made by a local glass artist and blown to perfection. It’s hand-blown borosilicate glass has constant water recycling for an endlessly smooth hit!

Elevate Your Puffco Peak Smart Rig or Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer With This Recycler Bubbler

The glass that comes with the Puffco Peak is very good, but this recycler will make your rig even more peak. This recycled glass was created by Ryan Fitt and he worked side by side with the Puffco team to bring you a piece that will elevate your rig to its highest potential.

This Recycler has a unique design with a fluted inner funnel and striking external intake tubes, which allows for amazing recycling filtration. The internal intake tubes are crafted from a more durable and high-quality glass that will last for longer than the standard Puffco Glass. This Recycler is a direct replacement for the stock Puffco glass and is a certified Puffco replacement part.

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