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Puffco Plus Vaporizer For Wax Review

Puffco Attachment has revolutionized the vaporizer industry with their innovative e-rigs, bringing dabbing into the mainstream and making it more accessible to a wider range of people. Today, the company has a number of vaporizers to choose from including their popular Plus & Peak models and their new Puffco Plus Vaporizer for Wax.

The Puffco Plus offers a simple and convenient way to vaporize wax concentrates using a coil-less ceramic chamber. This chamber evenly heats your wax for a more smooth and flavorful draw than a traditional rod and coil atomizer.

Another great feature is that the Puffco Plus comes with an attached Dart which makes loading wax and other concentrates a breeze. Simply load the Dart with your desired material, fasten it into the coil-less chamber to warm and then remove the mouthpiece.

When it comes to vapor quality, the Puffco Plus is hands-down on par with some of the best models in the industry. This is because the heating chamber is pure ceramic and does not use any coils or dishes, which are common in rod and coil atomizers for wax.

The Puffco Plus also comes with a 1400mAh battery and four unique user heat settings. It features intelligent temperature calibration in Sesh mode that delivers a more consistent experience, as well as haptic feedback to help you know when to switch between heat settings for the perfect hit. Its recharge time is about two hours, and it has a 20-second average heat up time.

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