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Puffco Peak Glass Replacement

If you own a Puffco Peak, you will definitely want to have this spare glass on hand for when your original one breaks or you need to replace it. This borosilicate work of art offers water filtration for a smooth hit every time and easily snaps in and out of the base of your Peak for easy storage and cleaning.

The Puffco Peak Glass is a hand-blown borosilicate work of art that provides percolation water filtration for a consistent and smooth dab experience each time. This glass attachment snaps in and out of the base for easy cleaning and storage, making it a great alternative to buying a custom piece of glass from Puffco.

This replacement glass is backward compatible with the Peak and Peak Pro devices, so it will work in both your old and new rigs. You can also use it with the new travel case if you’re planning on traveling or storing your rig at home.

In addition to the Peak Glass, Puffco also includes a carrying case, a charger, cotton swabs, and a carb cap. These are all incredibly well made and fit very nicely in the Peak’s compact design, making this unit a perfect fit for any weed enthusiast who wants to be on the go while still enjoying the best hits.

The Puffco Peak Pro is a beautiful device that delivers a high-end, connoisseur-level dabbing experience with minimal effort. It is a true breakthrough in electronic dabbing and is a must-have for any weed enthusiast. Its sleek design, incredible app integration, and Bluetooth capabilities make it a fantastic option for high-tech dab enthusiasts.

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