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Omega Constellation Watch Vintage

Originally known as the Globemaster, the omega constellation watch vintage was one of the first mass-produced chronometer-grade wristwatches in the world. The name “Omega Constellation” is a reference to an observatory that is found in Geneva, Switzerland, where the watches were created. The observatory is depicted on the watch’s caseback. These watches are considered to be a high-precision timekeeper, and the brand has been known for their accuracy.

The Omega Constellation watch is one of the most popular watches in the world today. It is available in various sizes, and it comes in a variety of materials. It has a range of references, and there are models with cases as small as 25mm. There are models that are available in stainless steel, as well as models that come in both gold and steel. There are also women’s models that are available.

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The first models were designed in the 1950s. These models used a “bumper” movement, which is an automatic movement that doesn’t revolve around the full circle. The movement bounces between bumper springs that compress and expand, which gives the watch a unique wrist feel. After around 1955, the movements used in the Constellation line changed to normal rotors.

The earliest Constellations hit the market in the early 1950s, and they used a dome-shaped dial. The dials were textured and often had a patina. During this era, kite-shaped markers were popular on mirrored gold watches. Some early textured dials had mixed Arabic numerals and markers. There were also models that had raised waffle dial patterns. These dials were often found on gold and steel combinations. The dials were decorated with gold applied logos and hour markers.

The Omega Constellation watches were also known for their dials. The dials of the earliest models were richly decorated, and many of them had gold hour markers. Other features of the dials included diamond-shaped hour markers and gold hands. Many of the models also featured pie-pan dials, which are angular dials that are upside down. The pie-pan dials were characterized by an outer section between the hour markers that is split into 12 facets. This allows for more detail to be engraved on the dial.

The Omega Constellation is now available in stainless steel, as well as in gold. The latest versions of the watch come with the Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibers, which are extremely accurate. These movements are also anti-magnetic to a staggering 15,000 gauss. They also go beyond COSC certification, which means they can withstand magnetic fields. The watch is also resistant to water.

The vintage Omega Constellation is an ideal watch for someone looking to make their first watch purchase. The watches are easy to wear and they are available in a variety of styles and materials. The dials are also an important part of the watch, and collectors love the vintage models in gold.

The prices for the Omega Constellation range, but the price of the watch will depend on the time period of the watch, the size of the watch, and other features. The highest priced vintage Constellation is priced around $5,900, while the lowest priced is priced around $718.

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