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Top 3 Features of a Tokaido Karate Gi

Tokaido karate gi is a premium karate suit developed for Kata training. It is designed for competitions and classes, and it has become the favorite choice of WKF competitors. The gi is made of premium materials and is embroidered with the Tokaido logo on the chest, neck, and pants. In this article, we’ll cover the top three features to look for in a karate gi.
Embroidered Tokaido logo on the chest, neck and pants

Unlike traditional gis, the Tokaido Gi is made of a special cotton canvas that is highly durable. The Japanese government only allows the use of Tokaido canvas. A karate gi made of Tokaido canvas will last for decades. To keep the uniform comfortable for the wearer, the gi is incredibly durable and is rated at 14oz.

In order to distinguish an authentic Tokaido gi, karate practitioners need to know that it’s a genuine one. Not all Tokaido gi are made in Japan. Some of these imitations are counterfeits that aren’t even made in Japan. Tokaido gi manufacturers are committed to producing high-quality karate uniforms, but it can be difficult to identify authentic ones.
Premium quality

If you’re just beginning your martial arts training, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality gi. Martial arts retailers carry a wide variety of training equipment, sparring gear, and uniforms for all levels of practice. If you’re already a black belt, they also sell a variety of other accessories to complement your new uniform. If you’re a beginner, the gi you buy should be comfortable and stylish.

A premium-quality tokaido karate gis will have a heavy lapel and reinforced stitching at the grip points. Premium-quality gis also feature heavy-duty fabric for extra durability. Some of them have as many as six lines of stitching along the collar and seven lines of stitching on the pants. These features ensure that the gi won’t tear easily or fall apart.
Made in Japan

If you’re looking for a Made in Japan Tokaido karate gi, you’ve come to the right place. For decades, Tokaido has been supplying karate practitioners with the finest uniforms on the market. It’s now a worldwide standard, and is considered the “Rolls Royce” of Karate Gis. Not only have they created new and improved styles of dogi, but they’ve also renamed and introduced some classic styles. The gis also feature Tokaido’s unique code, making them easy to identify.

If you train in Kata, a Tokaido karate gi is a necessity. These gis feature a wide cut to allow maximum flexibility. Special fabric helps support each technique with a distinct sound, and each one is tailored with a proper Japanese cut. You can choose from sizes two through seven. It’s important to look for a high-quality karate gi that fits properly.
Size chart

Tokaido has been supplying karate practitioners with karate gi since 1956. It has become the standard for karate gi and is known as the “Rolls Royce” of karate gi. They have even renamed some of the more popular dogi styles and have introduced new ones. Moreover, gi sizes are indicated with the help of codes to ensure easy identification.

The TOKAIDO gi is available in various sizes. They are pre-shrunk, so they barely shrink during washing. Moreover, they maintain their shape even after numerous washings. The gi sizes start at 160 and go up to the intermediate sizes. Therefore, size selection is crucial. It should fit the body perfectly. A standard size is important to avoid compromising with the fit of the gi.


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